Retail stores and shopping outlets are as successful as their power to attract customers and clients towards them. It has been proved through various researches and surveys that a human mind develops a conception and image majorly through the sense of sight. All other senses do play a part but only a limited one. The first impression is always the most impactful and lasting, and that first impression is molded through what and how we get to witness, which is the same as the case in the retail world.

    If you wish to sell your product impressively and efficiently, you need to pitch your product in the best possible way. Taking particularly about the scenario where you are running a physical store, and the display window is your only chance to allure customers in the shop and opens possible avenues to sale and success. Regarding the fashion store display ideas, here are top 20 ideas that you can use to make your visual merchandising impressive and benefit from as a retail business owner: 

    1)Follow a theme: What I mean by saying follow a theme is to create an immersive retail display in the store and the display window that is aligned with the theme of the store, the collection, and the brand. Once everything is aligned, only then you through the medium of your physical store or outlet will have the power to immerse the customer.

    To surround the customer with the vibe of your store and products, you need to create an atmosphere through the display fixtures. An atmosphere that speaks a common language and each product seems to be a part of the bigger picture rather than an individual component. In order to create and achieve this immersive display, you do not need to acquire and create extremely impressive displays or go all out and fancy. Rather it can be achieved through the minimalistic approach.

    2)Less is more: Although your first intention and objective are to gain attention and attract customers through your display window, too much tends to draw people away rather than driving them in. A messy and disorganized display window can never appear to be attractive (no matter how great your designs and products are). Make sure you are smart about your arrangement. Ensure that you are able to put your best items on display without appearing to be forceful. Play smart about your structure and organization. Use organizing racks, shelves and other display stand accessories to make it look organized and minimal. Always remember, less is more!

    3)Keep up with the trends: Play smart about your work. Consider an example, where you own a fashion outlet in a mall and have displayed products that are offseason. You may be able to bag a few sales but in true essence, the majority of the people shopping are on the lookout for seasonal products. Be ahead of your game and the competitors' mindset. Always have trendy products in your display window so that people know that the season's wardrobe essentials are available here. Cater to seasons, like back to school, Halloween and other festivities.

    4)Make sure your lighting is on point: Lighting plays the biggest role in creating the final outlook of your retail display windows. They can make or break a particular setting. You may have ticked all the boxes, but bad lighting or too much lighting can ruin it all. Make sure the lighting is just perfect. The focus, the setting, the hues all play a big part in how your products stand out. So get those thinking caps out, be creative, be artistic and let each piece shine on.

    5)Use technology to engage the audience: Technology is one such aspect of human development that it finds its application in all aspects of human life and activities. Fashion display windows and retail displays are no exception. Imagine installing big screens in your display window, where each passing by can see an image of themselves in one of your designs. Imagine something along the lines of an interactive mirror.

    It's all about engaging the customers, convincing them and letting them know how badly they need YOUR product in their life. Interactive screens and mirrors are partially a replacement of changing rooms and also provide a pleasant shopping experience.

    6)Add a bit of humor: In order to be a successful brand or to set up a successful business, it is extremely important to capture a potential customer through intimidating his sense of sight. Nothing says better than something that makes a customer smile. Be funny with your display, add some fun, and add some wit in your display window. Maybe a mannequin holding a funny sign, an illusion, some interesting pop of color or some intellectual humor (that needs to be figured out). Always fancy some riddles and fun.

    7)Jazz it up: Music is your second biggest tool to attract customers. Make sure the store has some great, in-theme music on and the voice is just perfect; not too overwhelming and also not inaudible. It just creates the perfect mood for shopping and makes the entire experience fun and interesting. 

    8)Engage your customers: Make sure you have staff that knows how to do their job. Convincing the clients a particular product looks great on them without being a disturbance. According to a recent survey published on the Survey Monkey, if the customers touch and feel the products, they are more likely to make the purchase. Your staff should gently and very subtly encourage the customers to try your products (it's hard to resist once you know it looks AMAZING).

    They are keeping things simple yet unified so that the potential customer can follow your ideology and feel involved in the entire setup. Once the customer feels engaged, only then your chances to strike a sale are at the highest.

    9)Make shopping comfortable: It is all in the little details. A store that is comfortable to shop in that has places to sit and take a breathe, having someplace to rest and look around, relax and observe is always appreciated — probably accompanied by a glass of water if required. The more you give, the more you receive.

 Shopping and making sales are just not dependent on how great your products are rather how beautifully you present them, your store, your brand and your approach. You have to win hearts before you win clients.

    10)Mirror, mirror on the wall: In order to make sales and make your business successful, you need to convince your customers that they absolutely need a particular product in their lives. To make this convincing possible, you need to make them believe how good it looks on them. Mirrors are your best friend. Add them big, add them small, and add them everywhere. Every angle, every direction- that shows just how amazing they look with your product.

    11)Keep it artistic: Make sure your store is fun, quirky, interesting, and a treat to shop in. Using abstract art as a means of decoration is always a great idea because it leaves interpretation up to onlooker. Whenever your brand comes up with a new line of products or seasonal collection, make sure everything represents the same context, and your artwork compliments your ideology. Abstract art is always so captivating, and one just can't resist stopping and having a thought about what the artist wants to say!

    12)Reinforce your brand with a theme: Having a theme for your store is just not a great idea; rather, it is extremely important for a successful brand image and identity. What does your brand represent? What do you want to achieve? Where is your headspace at? A theme and a line of focus just gel everything together. It portrays your brand with a strong vision, clear ideology, and solid concept.

    13)Clean place=great place: I just can’t emphasize this point enough. Make sure your store is clean, fresh and gives all the positive vibes. A dirty place is enough to drive the customers away forever. It’s all about convincing a possible customer to step in your store and again convincing them to make a purchase. Everything on your end needs to be spick and span.

    14)Make sure your store smells amazing: use air fresheners, essential oils, diffusers, fresh flowers or basically anything to keep the store smelling amazing and fresh. A pleasant smell makes customers feel relaxed and carefree. 

    15)Make checking out a breeze: Surveys show that the majority of the people who shop online is because they want things quick and easy. If your retail store has a complicated and long check process that is always a hassle and time consuming, I am sorry, but no one will be ever coming back to shop again. So make sure the entire shopping experience at your store is pain-free, comfortable and quick.

    16)Always stay on the move: I always remember to take a visit to my favorite store because I knew a new month means new displays and a new collection (that I wanted to get my hands on). Now the important question is how you can make that display window impressive, attractive and captivating. The answer lies in staying active, updated and interesting. Stagnancy is the end of curiosity. So make sure you keep your store and display interesting and something to look forward to. Always stay on the move!

    17)Fresh is always nice: Make sure you add plants and a touch of green (fresh or artificial, both will work). Plants are the easiest and the most fun and quick way to spice up a place and freshen it up. As per the interviews of the top interior designers, plants make people feel more welcomed and helps them de-stress.

    18)Create a visible structure: Make sure your store has a structure and an order. It follows a system and everything is organized according to a scheme. Coordination according to size, color, prints or pattern.

    Move through order and structure. Provide the same mechanisms and shopping experience to your potential customer.

    19)Gain attraction: Be very smart about your artwork. Use colors, blocks, structures, and objects to gain attention and captivate the customers. The market is full of options, and you are not the only one offering your services and products. Always remember what makes you stand out? What makes you different and above your competitors?

    Make yourself prominent and make yourself recognizable. Be it colorful and interesting displays, great music or a pleasant scent, some great incentives or just some great advertising; make sure you are heard and seen.

    20)Try a modular approach: Adopt a modular approach for your products. Arrange them in groups and sections. It is easier for the customers to browse through them, and everything remains organized and well structured. Greater sales are directly proportional to a pleasant shopping experience. If you wish to be successful, make sure you are prepared and equipped to help the client make the purchase. Make it easy, fun, interesting and enjoyable. No one likes a hassle.

    Many people stay away from online shopping because they find it difficult to trust a product or brand that they have not seen in person. This is because seeing a product first-hand feels utterly different from its virtual presentation. How you present a product, and your brand makes A LOT of difference. Your first impression is what makes you or breaks you in front of your customers. Make sure your physical store display is on point and employs all or some of the pointers mentioned above to seal the deal!