When you go to significant retail areas like Target or Walmart, you find yourself buying a lot even though you went there to buy a carton of milk. In these situations, retail space planning comes in; it lures you into buying multiple items that you even don’t need. These strategies include the store's layout, space management, and various other methods that keep the customers roaming around for a long time and picking up random items to purchase. To achieve this,  let’s try to maximize retail space first. 

Then How to Maximize Your Retail Space?

Given below are 10 ways to maximize your retail space and eventually increase your sales. 

1.Keep It Organized:

As stated above, creating store sections makes your retail space look more significant than its actual size. You can never have too many shelves, so invest in racks and shelves that lay on your walls. Make sure that the sections have enough space between them, so it does not look cooped up. There is a thin line between adjusting everything in your store to lure the customer into buying and overwhelming them because of how cooped up the retail space looks. Don't only use your floors but use the walls of your store as well to keep your products organized and categorized in sections. 

2.Keep Things Clean:

Do not clutter your retail space. Make sure that it looks neat, crisp, and clean. The shelves should be neatly organized, and your counter space should be clean and arranged as well. Do not let different types of products mix. For instance, if you are making a shoe sale, then make sure that they are presented neatly and not scattered on a table like a pile. The organized it is, the cleaner ad spacious will the rack look.

3.Light Up Your Space:

Moreover, adding lights to your storage space will add an illuminating effect and will make it look wider. For instance, if a particular corner of your storage space does not have good lighting, then it is ultimately being wasted because the customers will not go there. If your store is adequately lit, then it will look less cramped. We not only recommend you to light your store space properly but also to use a combination of different lights like lamps, picture lights, sconces, and track lights, etc. In short, get creative your views and keep it bright.  

4.Paint One of Your Walls a Bold Color:

Make sure that your space is bright and light. Use light colors to go with your store, and ensure that the overall theme of your retail space is light and bright as it will look spacious. Dark colors make your space look smaller than its actual size. Light colors attract positivity and depict calm, which attracts the customers into entering your store. 

5.Add windows to your retail space:

It is recommended that you open up small windows in your retail space to make space seem more significant. If you can’t add a window, then add fake window effects, and that will do the job, too. You can also choose to cut window spaces in your store’s walls to separate two sections. This will make your retail space look airier than before. The illusion of a large window with a painted view will also get the job done. Actually you do not have to worry about getting a permit and closing your store down to open up a new window, putting on drapes on each side of a tall wall mounted mirror is also a good idea to create window-like effect. This window-like effect will also make your space look brighter, well lit, and allow more movement in a small retail space. 

6.Don’t let it look cluttered:

The retail space should be comfortable to navigate, so remember to avoid clutter at all costs. Keep the things that do not fit in the storage and if you don't have one, then consider getting a store extension. A little investment could considerably increase your sales by completely revamping your retail space. Moreover, you can also avoid a cluttered look by playing with neutral colors as your store’s theme. For instance, colors like grey and ivory for your furniture can make them look larger than their actual size. You can also add accents of bright colors in your décor items like pillows, vases, or flowers, etc. to add style, elegance, and illusion of a bigger space to your store. 

7.Play with your organizers:

You do not need to purchase extra land to expand your retail space. You can work with the area that you already have, and organize it in a way that it looks big. Creating sections is a useful trick to make the retail space bigger than its actual size. Shelves are not the only way to display your products. Get creative. Think outside the box. You have plenty of other options for this purpose, like, using a glass display case, or a ladder to hang belts, scarves, or clothing items, or you can use rolling racks so you can quickly move them around. Another great way to display your products is to purchase a painting and add hooks to hang, for instance, the jewelry items, headbands, and other items or similar nature. This technique will not only display and organize the products but will also add character to your retail space. 

8.Keep it Interesting:

You do not have to stick to the same décor. Play around, switch it up and keep it refreshing. Old customers will only enter to see how much your retail space has changed, and then your top-notch products and space planning will do the magic, and lure the visitors into making a purchase. The key is to attract the customers by making your retail space look attractive, and maximum space achieves 70 percent of this task. So, play around and see which technique works the best for you or switch it up just for fun.

9.Make your layout smart:

The design of your store also plays a significant role in maximizing your retail space. Make sure that you place the popular items on the front and center of your store. The trick is to show as many products in the way to that product. You have to do it in a way that popular products are easy to find.  Moreover, displaying your products on different levels will make them look visually pleasing and will also maximize your retail space. 

10.Using bookcases as dividers:

Section small spaces by using bookcases as dividers. This will effectively make space look more spacious and neater. Moreover, they are moveable so that you can switch it up according to your needs. 

      So, play around with your retail space, get creative, and make sure that it is neat and organized. The flow of the retail store is composed of a combination of strategies and techniques which influence customers to walk around and potentially purchase multiple items. These techniques will do the trick of maximizing your space and considerably increase your sales without having to save up for a store extension.